As both a teacher and a private school owner, I always look forward to the month of August because that is when my ads for the fall registration season first appear.

It is always exciting to hear that phone ring or have students drop by. People see my ads and because the fall school season was fast approaching, they are receptive to my promotional material and very often these ads would generate many new students.

However, not all ads were effective nor were all newspapers, magazines or other venues the best place to advertise. But when you start out in business, you are prepared to try anything and everything to reach your prospective customers and I was no exception.

My advertising report goes into great detail as to how I spent a small fortune on every kind of ad you can think of. Boy was I a sucker for trying to get my message out there. Aside from the usual types of advertising you can think of, I also placed ads on placements on college campuses, sandwich boards, flyers, coupon giveaways, donations to local charity auctions, local papers, college papers, weekly papers, monthly papers, classified ads,display ads, ads in theatrical programs, church bulletins, message boards in supermarkets, etc. etc. etc.

Over 27 years, I spent several hundred thousand dollars on advertising and in the end only two types of ads were really effective and consistently brought me students day in and day out all year.

This is what I discuss in my advertising report. What worked, what sort of worked, and what cost me lots of money with ZERO return. There were several of those.

I discuss how to understand your student market and how to advertise effectively to that market. I also examine the best times of year when to spend your advertising dollar. I detail how to save money by knowing when not to advertise because at certain times of the year, no-one is going to bother reading your ads.

There are many good ways of getting students besides advertising and I discuss that too. Ideas such as referrals, cross promotions with other businesses and even effective usage of an outdoor and indoor sign.

Had I known in the beginning what I know now after 27 years of advertising hits and misses, I would have been able to save my self tens of thousands of dollars in wasted advertising expenses and used that money to buy a new car, pay off my mortgage or put my children through university.

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